Nissan’s Work on Alternative Car Fuels

Nissan is one of the best selling auto makes in the world and just like all the other major automakers also has been actively working on models that run on alternative car fuels. Although with just one exception, Nissan has not introduced any alternative cars to market whereas other major automakers have options available, such as hybrids, ethanol cars or flexible-fuel models. As of today, the only one alternative fuel powered car available on the market is a hybrid vehicle, the Nissan Altima. Nissan may not have a lot of alternative fuel powered cars on the market, but it has at least been actively developing other alternatives, such as the self-charging car, electric cars and hydrogen fuel powered cars.

Nissan until now has no cars on the market that are powered by alternative fuels, but the Nissan Corporation has had positive developments in the field of alternative car fuels and has even been awarded green loans to continue their work so that these alternatives hit the market as soon as possible. One promising model would be the electric car that uses a lithium ion battery and which will need only eight hours to recharge completely.

Nissan is also interested in designing and developing hydrogen fuel based cars, because this is one of the cleanest and most sustainable alternatives of all the viable sources. Hydrogen fuel powered cars release no pollutants and run only on the addition of oxygen and hydrogen to a fuel cell which turns those elements into electrical power, water and heat.

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