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All Hyundai models sold in UK will get special chassis setup

According to Hyundai Motor’s Managing Director, Tony Whitehorn, a special chassis arrangement will be given to every single unit of the new-generation Hyundai models that were sold in the United Kingdom. All of these units will also be tested on local roads.

p12 Hyunda ix20

Last year, the Korean automaker released the Hyundai ix20. It was the first Hyundai model whose chassis has been tweaked ready way before it went on sale to fit the development work done on UK roads. Likewise, the same practice has been done for other Hyundai product lines like the Veloster and i40 models.

In the Hyundai press release, Managing Director Whitehorn expressed that the UK roads are distinctive and therefore the automobiles need technical changes to fit the newly redeveloped roads. Whitehorn said that the Korean brand will ensure that every single Hyundai model that comes to UK will get a special chassis setup to comply with the UK roads.

Morever, Whitehorn expressed that the UK market is the brand’s second biggest market in Europe. In 2008 alone, Hyundai has sold about 28,000 cars in UK. The numbers jumped to 65,000 cars this year alone.

The Scrappage program, a government program wherein you trade your old car for new ones, has made it possible for Hyundai to emerge as competitive brand in the UK. Whitehorn said that the best advertisement they could ever have were having all those Hyundai models on the road. This time around, Hyundai’s focal selling point is quality, money value, and automotive refinement.

Holden introduces 6 new models in Australian International Motor Show

Holden took the Australian International Motor Show by storm as it unveiled the ClubSport R8, Maloo R8, and the Clubsport R8 Tourer SV Black Editions.

p12 HSV-SV-Black-Edition

The new vehicles are aiming for those who have a finer taste when it comes to their vehicles as they make use of accents in matte black, sport tuned suspension, ventilated hood, and 20 inch allloy rims. The interiors comes with some class too as the seats come in leather, sill plates exclusive to the special edition, unique plaque, and revised trim.

The SV Black Editions will depend on a V8 engine with 6.2L displacement that can output 425 horsepower and a torque of 406 lb-ft. The powerplant is linked to a six speed manual gearbox but consumers also has an option to get an automatic transmission.

The special edition vehicles will officially roll out this September with productions limited to just a hundred for each variant.

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Small car concept to be unveiled by Honda in Thailand Expo

p12 Honda Small Car ConceptJapanese carmaker Honda will be introducing a production version of their small vehicle concept car during the 2010 Thailand International car expo at the end of the month. This compact hatch is set to roll out in the Indian and Thai markets by 2011 and will go on sale for about 500,000 Rupees or roughly $10,000.

The car manufacturer has not revealed details about the new small car concept, not even the name of the new vehicle when it hits the production line.  There are speculations that Honda will come up with a series of small engines with the biggest at 1.2L displacement running on gasoline.

Basing it on the prototype, the car will be introduced in two models. The one for Thailand will have the specs to meet the high efficiency requirements of the country while the one for India is designed to meet the demand for the growing market for small cars.

We are still waiting for information if this small car from Honda will also be released in other markets.

Honda will also put on display the other members of their line up like the Accord, Civic, City, CR-V, and the Jazz. There will also be the CBR250R and the PCX, a motorcycle and scooter being exported to Thailand.

The international car expo in Thailand will run from December 1 to 12.