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All Hyundai models sold in UK will get special chassis setup

According to Hyundai Motor’s Managing Director, Tony Whitehorn, a special chassis arrangement will be given to every single unit of the new-generation Hyundai models that were sold in the United Kingdom. All of these units will also be tested on local roads.

p12 Hyunda ix20

Last year, the Korean automaker released the Hyundai ix20. It was the first Hyundai model whose chassis has been tweaked ready way before it went on sale to fit the development work done on UK roads. Likewise, the same practice has been done for other Hyundai product lines like the Veloster and i40 models.

In the Hyundai press release, Managing Director Whitehorn expressed that the UK roads are distinctive and therefore the automobiles need technical changes to fit the newly redeveloped roads. Whitehorn said that the Korean brand will ensure that every single Hyundai model that comes to UK will get a special chassis setup to comply with the UK roads.

Morever, Whitehorn expressed that the UK market is the brand’s second biggest market in Europe. In 2008 alone, Hyundai has sold about 28,000 cars in UK. The numbers jumped to 65,000 cars this year alone.

The Scrappage program, a government program wherein you trade your old car for new ones, has made it possible for Hyundai to emerge as competitive brand in the UK. Whitehorn said that the best advertisement they could ever have were having all those Hyundai models on the road. This time around, Hyundai’s focal selling point is quality, money value, and automotive refinement.