2011 Infiniti G25 getting the V-6 but not the Turbo

Infiniti G25 BackLike other auto shows, the recent Detroit Auto Show created a lot of rumors and concepts. It was all over the net that the 2011 Infiniti G will be released with a turbo charged V-6 2.5L variant that will be marketed below the G37 or 3.7L version. Apparently, the information that buzzed around car websites was not entirely correct.

The 2011 Infiniti will be rolling out the assembly line with a G25 variant but sources from Japan are saying that this will not be a turbocharged engine.

The Infiniti G25 will sport the naturally aspirated V-6 2.5L power plant that is also found on the Japanese release of the Skyline 250GT sedan branded under Nissan. The engine has double overhead cams that have a pretty good output of 210 horsepower and a torque of 195 pound-feet. The numbers are enough to challenge the 230 horsepower 328i sedan from BMW.

The details about the total package are rather sketchy. Nothing is official yet.

The idea though of getting the 2011 G25 is quite interesting. One will wonder though how this move will affect the brand perception as it steps down in terms of price.

Dealerships in the United States do not expect that the new Infiniti will have a coupe or convertible version at first. Experts suggest that if the four door sedan will have good reception, eventually, the green light for the other variants will come.

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